At H.I.S Enterprise we pride ourselves on our originality and ease of design. It is one of the main reasons we connect with our clients, through our artwork on the products requested. We are able to make and or adjust the design supplied to us. This helps us ensure that the final product will be one that we know our client will find of value, through our extra effort.

Quality is our bread and butter! We deal with bulk orders, therefore ensuring that the quality of the products before and after the design process is imperative to us! We’ve earned our reputation over the years and will continue to strive towards excellence not only in our quality but with our customer relationships too! The importance of high-quality products is everything to us, but its nothing without our loyal customers!

To ensure that our clients can rely on us time and time again, we work by a standard ethos, one where we first ensure that we can meet the deadline proposed for the products required, where we can sign off on the details on the product i.e. design, what product/s are being used and the quantity required. This as well as the final product inspection and evaluation is the H.I.S Enterprise way!

At H.I.S Enterprise, we are always striving to stay consistent and be innovative! As of such, we have decided to expand on our product offering. We have updated our product offering to, face badges, brand awareness badges & vaccination status badges. All of which have brought us considerable business, as well as made other businesses better too! Want to know how? Get our new button badges today!

What's New:

We’ve been hard at work brainstorming some new and exciting products here at H.I.S Enterprise!

Below you can see some examples of just what we’ve been up to! Our new Face Badges have already been game changes for a certain business, why not mix things up at your place of work? Enquire with us today, to see how we can facilitate you with our badges below!

Custom Face Badges

We are getting awesome feedback from people seeing our name tags. Our two other social workers loves it. This is such a cool idea!

Custom Button Badges

I would like to say thank you for the badges I purchased from your company. They were of a high standard and my staff are wearing them with pride. A special thank you to Jonathan Mayers for the fast and efficient service I received from him.

Vaccination Badges

Share your vaccination status with pride with our button badges!

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